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The Kanth Story

Graham Jones OBE

Patents attorney

Graham Jones is a European Patent Attorney, a European Trademark Attorney, and Vice Chairman of the Institute ofPatentees and Inventors.

For over thirty years Graham has dedicated his time to supporting British Inventors. During this period, he has witnessed a decline in British design, engineering and manufacturing. A couple of decades ago, British inventors were known and respected all over the world, but Graham believes that as the number of successful inventors coming from the UK has declined, we are slowly losing the ability to innovate and subsequently bring new ideas to the UK marketplace. This has in turn allowed other countries not only to catch us up, but to overtake us.

Graham recognised how important British inventors were to the UK economy, and has for years worked tirelessly to demonstrate this by lobbying government ministers. Through involvement in a number of organisations and charities, he has made it his mission to reverse this decline and put British inventors rightfully back on the map.

This mission ultimately led Graham and our founder and innovator, Karl, to first meet back in 1999.

Karl was determined that the manufacture of his inventions would stay in the UK. As you can imagine, this was music to Graham’s ears! Karl’s industry was going through a dramatic change. Virtually all of Karl’s competitors had moved their manufacturing out to the Far East and those that hadn’t, were in the process of doing so, – leaving Karl very much in the minority.

It was easy to see from the beginning why these two individuals hit it off. Here were two people with the same passion, drive, and determination to get UK inventors back on the world stage.

And Graham has been a part of Karl’s team ever since.

Graham says that some people have one idea every few years. Others have one idea in their lifetime. There are very few who have three or four ideas a year - like Karl. This is what makes the partnership so exciting!

“Karl was determined that the manufacture of his inventions would stay in the UK”

To qualify for a patent, an idea must be new and it has to be innovative. But, even if a patent is granted, this is no guarantee of commercial success. In fact, only 2%-4% of ideas developed by individuals are successfully brought to market. That’s what makes Karl so different. Here is someone who just keeps innovating and in bringing these outstanding ideas to successful market.

Graham is thrilled to have developed a partnership with an individual who shares his exact same philosophy. And more so, Graham is delighted that Karl has partnered with Smiths Metals Centres. Here are two British companies with the same ethos, beliefs, and vision.

Graham also realises that he has many busy years ahead...

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