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The Kanth Story

Karl Kanth

Managing Director

Innovator of all Kanth products

Karl’s Passion

As an engineer, designer and innovator, I’m passionate about delivering products of the highest quality. Products which provide customers with the ultimate in practicality, usability, and timeless style. And, most importantly which are made to last.

This has been a passion of mine for many years, ever since I began working alongside my father within the property industry, and more specifically – the bathroom sector.

So many manufacturers were, and are sadly continuing to, deliver highly-disposable, low-quality products which are not only notoriously difficult to install and maintain, but which are purposefully designed to last only a few years.

Why? Because these manufacturers shamelessly focus on profit alone, with no genuine care for the needs of those who place their trust in them. They deliver poor quality simply to encourage customers to come back, and to invest in the same sub-standard products time and time again.

Not only that, but they continue to operate in a way that is unethical and unsustainable by taking manufacturing out of the UK and moving it to the far east. This philosophy goes against everything I believe in.

I’m proud to lead a British company which has created jobs and opportunities here in the UK, and which is committed to making a valuable contribution to both our economy and our communities.

“ ...trying to reverse the throwaway society we have become”

We’ve built our business on solid foundations. We’re a British-born organisation which not only assembles all our products here in the UK, we source all our raw materials, manufacture all our components, support and nurture the incredible talent we have here. This ensures that we play our part in protecting the precious world we live in.

My journey started with a desire to reverse this throwaway society we have become, and it’s my continued mission to ensure that we drive this forward together to bring genuine benefits to all, both now and in the future.

The Kanth Vision and Principles

Our Vision

By combining the very best of British innovation, design and engineering, our vision is to manufacture premium shower systems and brassware which are not only technically superior, but which are truly built to last a lifetime.

We have developed our core principles which underpin everything we believe in, and everything we promise to deliver. And these principles apply to every single aspect of the Kanth business. From the initial idea and creation of a new product, to the manufacture and operations, right the way through to delivery and after-sales support.

These principles are not independent, but all come together to create a solid and robust business model. And one which forms the basis of every decision we make and every action we take as a team.

Our 8 Principles

  • Innovation
  • Longevity
  • Timeless Design
  • Outstanding Value
  • Sustainability
  • Originality
  • Purpose
  • Local Manufacturing


We approach every one of our new products in the sameway as a curious young child consistently asking ‘why’? Questioning, interrogating, and searching for the right answer. Over and over again.

We take nothing for granted, and accept nothing as standard. Each of our products is meticulously designed with the knowledge that the end result has to be the best, and as close to absolute perfection as possible.

Whilst other companies start the design process from where others have left off, we begin every new journey with a blank page. Discovering, inventing, and refining, until we have it just right.

Our core (and unique) product, the Kanth shower valve, is the ultimate testament to this ethos. Whilst the traditional method of manufacturing a valve is to use a cast, ours are produced from a solid ingot. Why? Because it means the valve will last (five times longer than a standard valve), is simpler to maintain (it’s easily accessible and by its nature isn’t affected by limescale), and delivers much greater value.

“British innovation, design and engineering built to last a lifetime and surpass all others.”

This all goes back to our core principles. We didn’t just assume that because everyone else was producing valves from casts that this was the best, and only, way. We examined, tested, and scrutinised. And we committed ourselves to changing the way it had always been done, and in making the impossible not only a possibility – but a reality.

Unlike most companies who compete purely on aesthetics, we compete on innovation, combined with timeless style. From striving to make the ordinary into the extraordinary and improving design by radical overhauls. Our products have been engineered to be the sleekest, the most powerful, the easiest to use, and to last the longest.


Our principal of longevity applies to the design and engineering of all Kanth products. We’re passionate about ensuring all of our products last four or even five times longer than those currently on the market. And, through our many years of research, development and dedication – we’re proud to have achieved just this.

Whilst every one of our products is built to last, we also recognise that our tastes, and needs, change. Which is why across all of our ranges, the cosmetic elements can be replaced at any time to suit ever-evolving styles. All done whilst our unique valve engine remains installed in the wall with the potential to last forever. This not only reduces the expense of replacement and installation, but negates the need to throw away materials – delivering sustainable living through design.

Timeless Design

No product, no matter how long it has been designed to last will stand the test of time if based on a ‘current’ trend. Which is why we never, ever follow trends. Instead we follow our own path and design beautiful, distinct products that are infinitely timeless. And, our commitment to quality and innovation sees us focus on just a few select designs, all with a variety of solutions to meet every individual showering need.

Our range never incorporates the latest ‘fad’, but is continually enhanced to deliver ageless aesthetics which are sure to be as stylish in ten years’ time as they are today.

Outstanding Value

‘Value’ is a term which can be interpreted in many ways – but for most it stands for ‘value for money’. For a luxury premium product such as ours, the word ‘value’ seldomly aligns. However, we believe in designing Kanth products to offer outstanding value for your money. We do not make cheap products – we make products to last. That can’t be said for many other shower manufacturers whose prices are inflated to present the perception of luxury and high quality.

Value for us covers our entire proposition. The lengthy guarantee, the ease of repair, the replaceable trim kit, and the personal dedicated customer service.

“ will experience the value we offer – it is simply incomparable.”

From the moment you hold a Kanth valve or any of our products in your hand you will experience the value we offer – it is simply incomparable. The purchase of a Kanth product is an investment. An investment in the many hours spent in development, in the precision CNC machines we use, in the high-quality brass raw material, and in the contribution to our local economy. It does not pay towards big dividends and shipping over 1000s of miles.

During the 25-year life cycle of our valve, the cost per year is far less than any competitors’ comparable offering, making our product one of the best value products on the market today (and in the future).


Being a truly sustainable company is not just about how long your products last, but the impact they have on the planet. Our design and manufacturing of sustainable products starts right at the very beginning – from the raw materials we carefully source, all the way through the products’ entire life cycles. Not only do we design exceptional products which can be easily maintained and refurbished rather than simply thrown away, we also consider every potential impact of our business operations on the environment – something which plays an integral role in every decision we make.

Ultimately, our products must deliver outstanding quality each and every time, without costing the earth.

We’re committed to ensuring that the raw materials and packaging we use are recyclable. All our swarf and scrap material waste is re-used to produce fresh materials, with every element of our packaging (from the box itself through to the packing tape) all 100% recyclable. We source external components where possible from suppliers within the UK or Europe and only ever from respected suppliers whose components meet ourexacting standards.

“Being a sustainable company is not just about how long the product lasts, but the impact it has on the planet.”

Following this principle, we plan to complete a full transition from the use of industry-standard hexavalent for our chrome finish plating, to trivalent chrome by 2020.

Chrome plating is an old process and many metal finishing companies still operate in traditional ways using the conventional hexavalent chrome, primarily due to its ready availability, low cost, and consistency in finish.

The common understanding is that hexavalent is more hard wearing than trivalent, but its impact on the environment is not as sympathetic because of its subsequent by-products. We have worked extremely hard as a team, and with support from our suppliers, to identify a solution which ensures we operate in an environmentally-sound way, whilst maintaining and further enhancing the quality of the product finish expected by our customers.

We believe we’ve now found it, and are delighted to be leading the way in delivering a range of products to the market which are not only extraordinary in their quality, but which don’t compromise the world we live in.


We will only ever develop products that are truly original. We do not, and never will, reverse engineer or manufacture ‘me-too’ products designed by other shower companies.

Every item we manufacture must have a place within our range, with each individual product’s journey starting from the development of a truly original concept – engineered with optimum benefits for our customers in mind.

Our products will meet all of the known – and unknown – requirements of our customers – continually breaking the mould of how a shower can be designed, installed, and maintained.

Our products are, and will always, be engineered to meet the needs of the end user, owner, designer and installer. Through consideration of all of these in our designs, we are able to create new and innovative products which can reduce the time and cost of installation, allow freedom of creativity, improve ease of use, and provide a higher quality of showering experience.

“Our products will meet the known and unknown requirements of the user, to break barriers in how a shower can be designed and installed”


Whilst innovation is at the heart of all we do, we don’t believe in doing so if it fulfils no purpose. Every innovation must improve some aspect of the product with the ultimategoal of further enhancing the user experience.

We believe that when designing a product with purpose it must also provide value to the individual. And, value is key to our principal offering – encompassing both product and service. Whilst we do not compete on price – and
are unapologetically proud not to – our products deliver incomparable value to our customers through timeless designs and premium quality parts, which are manufactured to be easily installed and maintained. And built to last.

Local Manufacturing

All manufacturers, no matter what industry they serve, have a responsibility to minimise the impact they have on the environment.

Sourcing manufacturing from distant shores is not a long-term sustainable model. If a company moves from country to country looking to source at the cheapest price, at what point will every country become too expensive? Their products spend more time in containers at sea, riding the waves than they spend in production. We’re passionate in our belief that the damage to the environment through transporting these products must be reduced.

Which is why we’re committed to making sure all of our products will be manufactured within the market they’re being supplied to.

As a British business, we will continue to invest in our own UK manufacturing operations – delivering the highest quality products to our customers and supporting our growing workforce. Whilst of course ensuring that our operations remain sustainable and environmentally-sound.

“All core operations will remain here in the UK hub with our localised manufacturing operations acting as satellite facilities around the world.”

Through this investment and subsequent growth, we will look to expand our business by setting up localised manufacturing operations in other countries. All of our core operations will remain here in the UK, but will be supported by dedicated manufacturing hubs on the ground. This will ensure that we contribute to the local economy by providing job opportunities for local people, as well as minimise transportation needs and subsequent costs to the environment – whilst guaranteeing optimum standards are maintained in safety, quality, and performance. We believe that always retaining control over our own manufacturing allows us the greatest opportunityto continue to be the best.

It provides us with the versatility and freedom to produce our stock components as well as new and bespoke products. We can introduce new design features or innovations as soon as they are developed and can re-engineer components easily when needed. We do not have to wait for stock to be depleted or orders to be delivered. Unlike many British companies we don’t run away from the inherent problems associated with manufacturing and subsequently turn to overseas sourcing. Instead we embrace these challenges and use them as opportunities for improvement, continually striving to be a World Class Manufacturer, benchmarking ourselves against the best manufacturers in the world not just those in the bathroom market.

And it supports our commitment to developing a sustainable model for building a company which will last for generations.

Kanth Innovations

Karl Kanth

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