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The shower industry is well established and has been around for many years. For a long time the market has been dominated by a small amount of large manufacturing companies and for this reason it has been tough for new companies to break into the market. We knew that the only way to achieve this was to offer something unique, something that the market had not seen before. Our business and reputation is built on innovation and is at the very forefront of modern shower technology – such innovation is born from a passion to deliver timeless, contemporary designs with features that revolutionise both the commercial and domestic market.

As our business philosophy focuses on British design and manufacturing, it is therefore fitting that we now partner with another innovator in their respective field – an innovator whose expertise and service in their market directly compliments ours to provide a unique proposition in the shower industry.

Introducing Smiths Metal Centres

Smiths is a British engineering materials stockholder who specialise in providing supply chain solutions for business. Founded in 1780, the group has a turnover of £70 million and with more than 8,000 stock products to choose from in a wide selection of shapes and sizes, they cater for high quality materials fulfilment via a network of 13 dedicated service centres across the UK, all who have processing facilities.

Like us, Smiths is an innovator in their field. They are unique in having their own UKAS accredited materials testing laboratory and an industry leading bespoke IT platform which allows customers to fully integrate with their business which in turn, makes the supply chain process more efficient and cost effective. The company is also at the forefront of numerous markets, particularly in motorsport. Smiths ability to hold large stock volumes, provide bespoke supply services tailored to customer requirements and offer industry leading technical support is a perfect complement to our philosophy and why a partnership was a natural progression.

Shared Vision

Smiths successfully started supplying us with high quality engineering products more then 15 years ago.

During this time, it has become clear that they share our vision with respect to service, quality and value. We require products that are not available ‘off the shelf.’ Thankfully Smiths utilise their resources including their laboratory and metallurgical services combined with expert Global sourcing to develop materials to meet our design demands, willing to continually experiment for us, pushing the boundaries to unearth a materials true capabilities. This has allowed us to develop a range of products that are simply head and shoulders above the competition, meaning not only do we guarantee a unique shower experience but we also offer a guarantee on the life of a product that is five times that of our competitors.

The Future of Shower Supply

By combining forces and taking a collaborative approach, we draw from our combined strength to deliver designs and solutions for our customers with a quality, service and value that is second to none. As we innovate and bring new products to market we will now extend this broader portfolio of services to our customers.

Two British companies and two leading innovators working in synergy to offer the ultimate in shower design and technology. A powerful and new proposition for the shower industry.

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