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Three Hole Basin Mixers

Basin Mixers

In a class of its own, our round design has been sized perfectly for the hand with only the smallest radius to keep the shape true and a slight knurl to provide just the right amount of grip – simply perfect in every way. This basin mixer can be installed onto a counter top or directly to a basin and perfectly complements our round or square range of shower valves, shower heads and handsets.

The Double Machined Spout – excessive? Maybe! But definitely worth it. And, after all if it’s not unique it wouldn’t be a Kanth. The 90-degree spout is one of our proudest achievements which took our team of engineers years of blood, sweat and tears to bring to life.

Most spouts are produced from brass castings or brass tube which suffer from a thin wall and excessive brazing. Our spout, on the other hand is made from solid high purity brass and drilled with a 5mm drill by 350mm long (that’s long – so long in fact that our engineers needed to make our own dedicated tooling to do it) twice... After bending 90 degrees we machine the spout all over again, that’s each of the four sides to ensure the perfect finish. The spout then needs only the lightest touch to brighten ready for plating. It is this passion for ‘better’ that enables Kanth to provide such an exacting standard of plating. Every time.

The Kanth Three Hole Basin Mixer designed in London, manufactured and assembled in England.

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