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Shower Handsets

Square and Round Shower Handsets

The Kanth shower handset combines high purity solid brass and high-quality ABS injection moulding to provide a perfect balance of quality and weight.

Our handset body is fitted with our unique three-part brass shower face plate system. The patented system provides a perfect flow of water through each nozzle, is easy to clean, and prevents the annoyance of dripping – once the shower valve is turned off, the shower handset stops instantly.

The Kanth shower handset comes complete with highly polished and plated precision-machined brass fittings, resulting in a product of outstanding quality – just one example of our shower engineering brilliance.

Each shower handset and handset holder within the Kanth system are engineered to integrate and operate as one. In doing so it has enabled us to include features for ensuring they are built to last and retain their appearance. One such innovation is our locking mechanism. This avoids the shower handset from being knocked out, preventing personal harm and damage to its function and appearance. The shower handset is assembled with a solid brass CNC machined connector designed to fit perfectly with the integrated locking mechanism of its related handset holder, being our Wall Mount, Retractable Unit or Slide Rail. This connector whilst ensuring the handset remains in place also locates the shower head in the correct showering position. 

All our products and innovations are engineered to work seamlessly so only Kanth shower handsets are compatible with the Kanth handset holders. 

When choosing your handset and choice of handset holder please ensure you select the correct combination. We have tried to make this as easy as possible by using the below suffix on each handset product code to identify its partner:

.RUR – Retractable Unit Round / .SRR – Slide Rail Round / .WMR – Wall Mount Round

For example, should you wish to order a 50mm Round shower handset for a Wall Mount holder, your code would be KHS.050.WMR, which identifies a Kanth Handset - 50mm in size - for a Wall Mount - Round in shape.”

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