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KV2R Double Outlet Thermostatically Controlled Valve

Double Outlet Thermostatically Controlled Valve

KV2R Double Outlet Thermostatically Controlled Valve

We offer a 25 year guarantee on all shower valves.


Dual Outlet Shower Valve

In the world of bathroom essentials, the shower valve often doesn’t get the credit it deserves. At Kanth London, we believe this behind-the-scenes hero deserves to step into the spotlight. Meet our KV2R Double Outlet Thermostatically Controlled Valve.

The KV2 (square and round) use the same engine as the KV1 but are designed for two outlets. In other words, this valve allows you to have an overhead shower head combined with a shower handset, hose and slide rail. The shower head and handset can be individually controlled, but most importantly with no loss of performance through the two outlets.


A Masterpiece of Innovation and Quality

Let’s talk facts. Our dual outlet shower valve comes with an impressive 25-year guarantee. After all, Dr. Charles May of Greenwich University concluded that our valve should last between 20 to 30 years, far outstripping the industry standard of a meagre five years. So, go ahead and plan for the long haul; our valves are designed for that and more.


Consistent Temperature, Exceptional Flow

No one enjoys the surprise of an erratic shower temperature. With our dual outlet valve, we’ve banished such inconsistencies. The result? You get water at the perfect temperature every single time. And thanks to the valve’s internal design, your shower will have a flow rate that’s nothing short of spectacular.


The Pinnacle of Performance

What sets our valves apart? For one, we start with a solid brass ingot, machined to precision. Then, we add a proprietary material composition developed in partnership with Smiths Metal Centres Limited. 

Finally, each ingot is crafted using computer-controlled machines to ensure tight tolerances. The bottom line? Our valves deliver optimum performance throughout their lifetime with no loss in efficacy.


An Eco-Conscious Choice

Kanth London is committed to sustainable production. Our valves are designed to be serviceable, so they won’t end up in a landfill after a few years. In fact, we even offer a refresh scheme that will rejuvenate your aging valve, breathing new life into it.

It’s not just about taking a shower; it’s about making a responsible choice for the environment. And that’s something you can count on when you buy from Kanth.


It’s All in the Details: KV2R Features

Our KV2R model excels in functionality. Designed for two outlets, it allows you to have both an overhead showerhead and a shower handset. These can be individually controlled, ensuring a multi-dimensional shower experience that sacrifices nothing in performance.


Ready for a Shower Revolution?

If your daily shower ritual has become a bit monotonous, maybe it’s time to switch things up a bit. With Kanth’s dual outlet shower valve, you’re not just buying a bathroom fixture; you’re investing in decades of quality showers. Take the next step toward a luxurious shower experience. Call us on 0207 0788130 today.


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