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Square Thermostatic Shower Valves


Single Outlet Thermostatically Controlled Valve


Double Outlet Thermostatically Controlled Valve


Triple Outlet Thermostatically Controlled Valve

We offer a 25 year guarantee on all shower valves


  • Comparing our systems to the industry standard is like comparing a Rolls Royce to a Ford.


Square Thermostatic Shower Valves

If you think a shower valve is just a shower valve, it’s time to think again. Meet our square thermostatic shower valve, a product engineered to defy conventions. At Kanth, we’re excited to share the specifics that make our shower valves distinctively exceptional.


A Deep Dive into Engineered Excellence

Our shower valves—or what we refer to as the “engines”—underwent rigorous development for over six years. They passed long-term tests spanning nearly a decade, and their performance has been validated by Greenwich University. As a result, we confidently offer a 25-year guarantee on each shower valve, which, by any measure, isn’t typical in the industry.


Superior Material Composition and Manufacturing Process

We’re particular about what goes into our products. The material we use isn’t your average brass. Our engines are milled from a unique blend of metals, meticulously formulated by us in collaboration with Smiths Metal Centres Limited. This manufacturing finesse offers exclusive benefits that competitors simply can’t match.


Unique Benefits

What makes our valve really tick? First off, you’ll enjoy water temperature consistency. No cold surprises or sudden heat spikes. Secondly, the internal architecture provides unmatched flow rate, ensuring an unhindered shower experience. Lastly, our engines sustain peak performance throughout their lifetime, equating to reliability and longevity.


Introducing Our Top Models: KV1S, KV2S, and KV3S

  • KV1S: Engineered for simplicity and designed to work flawlessly with the UK plumbing system, our KV1S model offers a single outlet. It can be used with any of our handsets or overhead showers, keeping things straightforward but efficient.
  • KV2S: Our KV2S model is made for dual outlets, allowing both an overhead shower head and a shower handset to be individually controlled. Most importantly, this doesn’t affect performance, providing you with the best of both worlds.
  • KV3S: Our KV3S model raises the bar by offering independently controlled triple outlets. Choose the flow to each outlet to your liking, all while enjoying robust power and flow rates. There’s never any compromise on water pressure, ensuring a consistently enjoyable shower experience.

Once installed, our square thermostatic shower valves are designed to stay in the wall, making your future updates as effortless as swapping out tiles. And with our interchangeable trim kits, making changes becomes easier and more cost-effective.


Contact Kanth Today

Are you ready to experience a new standard in showers? We invite you to reach out to us today for more information. You can contact us directly on 0207 0788130.

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