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Lifestyle 1 - Brushed Brass

Lifestyle 1 - Brushed Brass

KOS.200.WMS Wall Mounted Overhead Shower

The large 200mm square wall mounted shower head provides an unparalleled shower experience when combined with the extraordinary power of our shower valve ‘engine’.

Unique to Kanth, our wall mounted shower arm is attached to the side of the shower head – unlike other manufacturers who fit theirs to the top. This side system provides a much more aesthetically pleasing profile without impacting the full functionality of the shower itself.

£918.75 exc. VAT
£1,102.50 inc. VAT

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This product is sold separately

KHS.075.WMS Square Shower Handset

Our most versatile shower handset that combines beautifully with any of our showering range. The slim but long shower head provides discreet power, and is perfect either used on its own or paired with an overhead shower. The KHS.075 is available in three options: for use with the Kanth wall mount handset holder – KWM.030.WMS, the Kanth retractable unit – KRU.100.WMS, or with a slide rail KSR.019.WMS.

Item does not include the Wall Mount (KWM.030.WMS) or Hose (KWM.040.WMH) each sold separately.

£283.42 exc. VAT
£340.10 inc. VAT

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This product is sold separately

KV2S Two Outlet Thermostatically Controlled Valve

We offer a 25 year guarantee on all shower valves.


Double Outlet Shower Valve

You’ve probably heard the saying, “Two heads are better than one”. In the shower universe, that’s more than just sage advice—it’s the epitome of luxury. Enter our KV2S double outlet shower valve, a marvel of modern engineering that packs in two outlets, all while delivering stellar performance for the years ahead.

The KV2 (square and round) use the same engine as the KV1 but are especially designed for two outlets. In other words, this innovative valve allows you to have an overhead shower head combined with a shower handset, hose and slide rail. The shower head and handset can be individually controlled, but most importantly with no loss of performance through either of the outlets.


Unveiling the Engine: Years of Research, Decades of Reliability

We don’t just call it a valve; we prefer the term “engine” because that’s what it is—an intricate piece of machinery that powers your daily ablutions. Developed over six years and rigorously tested for nearly a decade, this engine isn’t just built to last; it’s built to outlive changing shower styles. 

The KV2S uses the same Kanth shower valve engine that comes with a staggering 25-year guarantee. Not just us but Dr Charles May at Greenwich University has vouched for its longevity, stating it should last between 20 and 30 years. Now, that’s what we call serious peace of mind.


How Our KV2S Stands Out

What sets our valve engine apart? It begins with the material. Unlike 99% of the valves out there, each Kanth engine is machined from a solid brass ingot, using a material composition formulated by us and our partners at Smiths Metal Centres Limited. The end result? A shower valve engine with:

  • Zero temperature fluctuations for consistent water temperature
  • No internal restrictions, delivering an incredible flow rate
  • Optimum performance throughout its life

The KV2S doesn’t just provide water; it provides choices. With dual outlets, you can toggle between an overhead shower head and a shower handset, hose and slide rail. The best part? No loss in performance, ensuring you’re showered in luxury from any angle you choose.


Designed for Livelihood

Let’s say five years down the line, you feel your bathroom needs a facelift. That is no problem, the KV2S engine stays in place, right within your wall. You can simply update the trim kits, handles and so on without worrying about the core engine. It’s not just designed for life; it’s designed for your changing tastes and styles.


Our 25-Year Guarantee Ensures Maximum Longevity

With most manufacturers typically offering a five-year guarantee at most, our 25-year guarantee places our KV2S engine in a class of its own. Make a one-time investment and say goodbye to the cycles of replacement that define other options. To experience luxury that lasts, call us now on 0207 0788130.


You may also be interested in: KV1S & KV3S.

£1,837.50 exc. VAT
£2,205.00 inc. VAT

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This product is sold separately

KBN.I2H.WMS Square Inline Wall Mounted Basin Mixer

The Kanth inline basin mixer features a long slim central spout with handles to either side. This is the most popular wall mounted basin mixer in our range and is available in either round or square. Featuring handles designed to fit perfectly in the hand with only the smallest radius to keep the shape true – simply perfect in every way.

£997.50 exc. VAT
£1,197.00 inc. VAT

Request price and availability.

This product is sold separately

Lifestyle 1 - Brushed Brass

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