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KV1R Single Outlet Thermostatically Controlled Valve

Single Outlet Thermostatically Controlled Valve

KV1R Single Outlet Thermostatically Controlled Valve

We offer a 25 year guarantee on all shower valves.


Single Outlet Concealed Shower Valve

If you’re on the lookout for a shower valve that’s built to last, then you’ve come to the right place. We’ve poured years of research and development into the KV1R single outlet concealed shower valve. Our robust 25-year guarantee stands as proof of our confidence in this product. When you opt for the KV1R, you’re investing in a quarter-century of seamless showers, and that’s not a claim we make lightly.

Our thermostatic valve technology is designed to operate with any UK plumbing system via water inlets and outlets that are 3/4" BSP – allowing full use of our precision engineered waterways. Whether you choose a round or square trim, the engine remains the same.

You can use the valve with any of our handsets or overhead showers... an unbeatable combination!


The Craftsmanship Behind the KV1R Model

Our unparalleled attention to detail is what sets us apart. The KV1R model is born from a solid brass ingot, courtesy of our advanced machining processes. Unlike other valves made from sand castings, ours boasts a material composition that’s been specially formulated to ensure longevity and performance. It’s more than just a piece of metal; it’s a meticulously crafted engine that powers your shower experience.


What Makes the KV1R Stand Out?

The key features of the KV1R model are second to none:

  • Temperature Stability: Forget about those pesky temperature fluctuations that can turn a relaxing shower into a jarring experience.
  • Optimal Flow Rate: Our valves are designed to keep the water flowing consistently, meaning you won’t experience any unwanted interruptions.
  • Lifetime Performance: The KV1R is not just about what you experience today but how it continues to function flawlessly through the years.

Installing the KV1R model means you’re choosing a long-term resident for your bathroom wall. Should you decide on a bathroom remodel in a few years, there’s no need to tamper with the valve. You can simply update the wall tiles and other fixtures while your trusted KV1R stays put. For those interested in a style shift, we offer separate trim kits that are easily interchangeable.


Compatibility: The UK Standard

Designed with the UK plumbing ecosystem in mind, our KV1R model features ¾-inch BSP water inlets and outlets. No matter the aesthetic of your bathroom—be it a round or square trim—the KV1R is compatible with all our handsets and overhead showers.


Why Settle for Less? Upgrade Your Bathroom Today

In a world that too often embraces the disposable, our KV1R model invites you to break the cycle. Don’t settle for valves that require frequent replacements; invest in a Kanth valve and embrace the era of long-lasting quality.

For additional insights into our KV1R model or to place an order, we’re always just a phone call away. Contact us on 0207 0788130.


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