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KV1S Single Outlet Thermostatically Controlled Valve

Single Outlet Thermostatically Controlled Valve

KV1S Single Outlet Thermostatically Controlled Valve

We offer a 25 year guarantee on all shower valves.


Single Outlet Shower Valve

Welcome to Kanth, where cutting-edge engineering meets luxurious shower experiences. The KV1S single outlet shower valve isn’t just another fixture; it’s a combination of precision, durability and unrivalled performance.

At Kanth, you can expect only the highest level of craftsmanship, and our KV1S is no exception. Allow us to guide you through what makes this single outlet shower valve a transformative addition to your bathroom. 

Our thermostatic valve technology is designed to operate with any UK plumbing system via water inlets and outlets that are 3/4" BSP allowing full use of our precision-engineered waterways. Whether you choose a round or square trim, the ‘engine’ remains the same.

Our patented valve can be used with any of our handsets or overhead showers... a truly unbeatable combination!


Why Choose Kanth?

Think about your morning routine. You step into the shower expecting a hot, invigorating experience. What you don’t want is a fluctuating temperature or restricted flow. Our KV1S valve uses the revolutionary Kanth shower valve. 

This masterfully designed “engine” was six years in the making and has undergone a near-decade-long test by none other than Greenwich University. With a guarantee period of 25 years, it’s not just us saying it’s extraordinary; it’s scientifically proven.


Material Matters

We start with a robust brass ingot. Unlike our competitors, who often use sand castings with little attention to material properties, our valves are custom-engineered. Smiths Metal Centres Limited has partnered with us to ensure each valve meets stringent quality standards. 

The outcome? Unprecedented temperature control, astonishing flow rate and unbeatable performance longevity. By choosing Kanth, you’re investing in superior quality from top to bottom.


Versatility at Its Best

Designing your bathroom should be an exercise in personal expression, not limitations. The KV1S valve’s universal compatibility with UK plumbing systems ensures that whether you prefer a round or square trim, the “engine” is consistent. It accommodates any of our handsets or overhead showers, meaning you have the freedom to choose without compromising on performance.


Built for the Long Haul

If you find the idea of constant replacements exhausting, you’ll appreciate the KV1S valve’s designed-for-life feature. You can change the tiles, the paint or even the entire bathroom suite. But the KV1S valve stays put. How is this possible? The front plate and handles can be swapped out, allowing for a refreshingly inexpensive style update.


Ready to Elevate Your Shower Experience?

While we are confident in the KV1S’s capabilities, we back it up with a 25-year guarantee. In a market where most shower valves hardly cross the five-year guarantee mark, our engine truly stands in a class of its own.

If you’re ready to bring the KV1S single outlet shower valve into your life, let’s make it happen. Give us a call on 0207 0788130, and say hello to a superior shower experience.


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