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The Kanth Story

David Aspinall

Design Director, Sapphire Spaces Ltd

Bathroom Retailer

“The first time I ever saw the Kanth shower valve I knew that it was something very special.

The way the shower valve is manufactured overcomes many inherent issues – performance, maintenance and flow. It is the best shower valve in the world and all my clients that use Kanth products every day agree.

The unique shower valve maximises the full potential of each water system which, in-turn, delivers the best possible showering experience. This is ultimately what everyone wants every time they have a shower.

There is no other shower valve manufacturer worldwide other than Kanth that offers a 25-year guarantee.

The Kanth shower valve has in fact been engineered to last forever. On average, the guarantee for a shower valve is five years. What’s great about having a shower valve that will last forever is that the shower controls can be changed to a different finish or style if the end-user ever fancies a change.

“There is no shower valve manufacturer worldwide that offers a 25 year guarantee with their shower valves, except for Kanth.”

“I am fortunate enough to work with the best manufacturers in the world. Yet Kanth is my go-to shower, I love it and believe in it.

Also, I am very proud to be a Kanth partner as the product is invented, engineered and manufactured in Britain.”

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