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The Kanth Story

Nick Goldfinger

Manufacturer of Ernö Goldfinger Furniture

Kanth customer for more than 16 years

“In 2003 I was fortunate enough to purchase a Kanth shower valve.

The valve itself was and is (it still works perfectly, after all these years), a thing of engineering beauty.

Like my grandfather, the architect Ernö Goldfinger, I have an appreciation for beautifully and well-made products. The fact that the beauty is a product of its design, function and engineering is, in our opinion, the pinnacle of achievement.

Ironically, this incredibly beautiful valve is supposed to be concealed in the wall. I left mine visible on the other side of the wall. I won’t mention which room I spent hours admiring it from.

A few years before I got my shower valve, I had the pleasure of meeting Karl Kanth. We became firm friends. I think we hit it off particularly well because we both shared a passion for engineering and manufacturing.

Karl was developing his shower products and I was working on my family’s furniture designs. We both wanted to remain hands-on with our products and manufacture in England.

“For me, there is no competition.”

What was, and is, striking about Karl is his incredible passion, determination and, to put it bluntly, doggedness. No problem is insurmountable for him, it merely has to be tackled and overcome. He will not compromise. His products have to be perfect or they don’t get made and nothing stands in the way of him achieving perfection.

I have never come across anyone like him. Well, maybe mygrandfather.

As his products don’t seem to go wrong, it makes it hard to justify buying more. Fortunately, I have a restoration project underway and, I can assure you, I will be using every Kanth product I can get my hands on.

For me, there is no competition.”

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